Tips & Techniques Beverages How to Set Up a Margarita Bar

There's no better way to celebrate summer than to invite friends over for those favorite warm weather cocktails: margaritas! So many variations on the classic are available now, so why not set up a build-your-own margarita bar? Just lay out a spread of Latin-inspired appetizers and follow these tips for a fabulous, festive party.

You can make your own flavored margarita mixes from scratch, or choose a prepared version. Passion fruit and watermelon are refreshing homemade spins on the original, and our house mixes boast fresh fruit juices and all-natural ingredients.

No matter the flavor, there are two basic ways to serve a margarita: on the rocks or frozen. Set up the shaken mixes in pitchers or glass beverage containers, and place a blender or margarita maker on the side for the traditionalist who loves a frozen, blended cocktail. 

Keep the glasses and pitchers simple. Choose a clear, high-quality style that not only looks like glass but is made to last, perfect for poolside parties, picnics and cookouts.

Give guests the option to rim their margarita glasses with sugar or salt. Set out dishes of each, along with lime wedges, so everyone can choose their favorite style.

Adding fresh fruit such as orange, tangerine and grapefruit slices, berries and fresh mango lends vibrant color and flavor. Place the fruit slices on the bar so guests can enjoy any combination in their drink. Additionally, you can set out fresh, whole fruits and an assortment of bar tools, allowing guests to create creative garnishes for their margaritas.