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Home-Baked Easter Gifts
Home-baked treats are a welcome gift any time of year, and Easter is no exception. Little egg-shaped cakes or a parade of cookies in favorite Easter shapes will delight children as well as grown-ups. They're all the more special because the baker took the time to select wholesome ingredients and mix and bake them into delicious confections prepared especially for the recipient.

It's easy to package your home-baked treats. If you're transporting them by hand, simply arrange them in a cellophane bag and wrap in waxed tissue paper. Or, nestle cakes and cookies in a gift box lined with waxed tissue paper. Then tie with pastel ribbon or a colorful garland, add a gift card and your present is complete.

When packaging baked goods for longer distances (and more bumps), make sure the container is airtight and the food is wrapped well. Line the container with tissue and wrap the food in waxed paper, or use waxed tissue paper, which looks pretty and will not stain. If you're mailing baked goods, line the inside of the box with bubble wrap, then with waxed tissue paper. Wrap the container in bubble wrap and paper and place in a larger box filled with Styrofoam peanuts for mailing.