Tips & Techniques Grilling Grilling for a Crowd
Grilling for a Crowd

From beef tri-tip to a whole pork loin, large cuts of meat make an impressive main course for a crowd, especially when the food is prepared on an outdoor grill. As your guests gather in the yard to enjoy drinks and appetizers, they will savor the enticing aroma of the meat as it cooks.

Here you will find recipes for grilling a variety of meats. To enhance the flavor, rub the meat with a spice mixture or fresh herb paste before cooking, or soak it overnight in a marinade or saltwater brine. Some cuts, such as a butterflied leg of lamb, cook relatively quickly on the grill. Other meats, like a prime rib roast or turkey breast, benefit from long, slow barbecuing, leaving you with plenty of time to prepare the rest of the meal. Whatever dish you choose, we guarantee it will satisfy a hungry group.