Tips & Techniques Ingredients Glossary of Butcher's Steaks

In generations past, butchers kept some of the best-tasting cuts of beef for themselves, hence the name "butcher’s steaks."

A long, thin, fibrous cut from the steer’s underbelly, the flank steak is relatively lean.

Flat Iron
Cut from the chuck, just above the shoulder blade, the flat iron steak has a small, thin line of gristle running lengthwise through the meat, which should be cut out before or after cooking.

Part of the diaphragm muscle that hangs between the loin and ribs, this well-marbled steak is also called the hanging tenderloin. It is popular in France, where it is known as onglet.

A long, flat steak with a fibrous grain, the skirt steak comes from the underbelly of the steer. This cut is well marbled with fat.