Tips & Techniques Holidays Frying Foods in Oil: A Hanukkah Tradition
Frying Foods in Oil:<br>A Hanukkah Tradition
Hanukkah, known as the Festival of Lights, is celebrated by Jewish people around the world. It is a time to light the candles of the menorah, exchange gifts and share meals with family and friends.

An important part of the Hanukkah tradition is to serve foods fried in oil, which symbolizes a miracle: After the Maccabee tribe recaptured ancient Jerusalem, the lamp in the temple appeared to hold only enough oil for one night yet continued to burn for eight days.

Potato latkes are, of course, a favorite fried food for Hanukkah. Here you'll find recipes for classic latkes along with some creative fried dishes, such as potato-waffle latkes drizzed with Concord grape wine syrup. Some recipes are Italian in origin, including tender fried zucchini and butterfly-shaped cookies known as farfallette dolce.

Select one or more of these dishes to round out your Hanukkah menu. They'll add a festive and delicious touch to your celebrations.