Tips & Techniques Entertaining Flatware Bundles

Bundling flatware in a napkin adds style to a casual meal, especially one that is not served at a set table. Choose one of these three easy ideas and arrange the assembled bundles on a tray the night before.

Roll a napkin—after first folding it in half—around the flatware. Tie the bundle with natural twine or raffia. Turn down one corner of the napkin and tuck it under the twine.

Fold a napkin into quarters, with the open points at the top. Fold the point of the top layer down to meet the bottom corner, to form a pocket. Fold the left and right corners under. Tuck the utensils into the pocket.

Bundle flatware in the center of a quartered napkin, making a neat tie with a length of grosgrain or other cloth ribbon that complements the table.