Filled Pancakes
Light, puffy filled pancakes known as ebelskiver are a favorite in Denmark. Cooked in a specially designed pan, these ball-shaped pancakes are traditionally dusted with confectioners sugar and served with raspberry jam. Modern versions may be sweet or savory, filled with fruit, jam, cheese, chocolate or meat.

Although the origin of ebelskiver is a subject of debate, one story credits the Vikings, who once roamed up and down the European coasts. One band of Vikings had been especially hard hit in battle. When they returned to their ship, with their horn helmets and shields dented and dinged, they decided to have one of their favorite foods to help them regain their strength: pancakes. Lacking fry pans, the Vikings greased their shields and poured the pancake batter on them over the fire.

Whatever their origin, filled pancakes are a delicious treat for breakfast, as an hors d'oeuvre or a light supper. Here we offer recipes for a variety of delectable fillings, including spiced apple, blueberry and cherry.