Tips & Techniques Entertaining Pull off the Farmhouse Casual Look

Tuck autumn leaves into folded napkins for a splash of color at your table. Involve children by asking them to gather leaves, choosing a range of gold, orange and deep red shades

Sprays of dried wheat and grasses, arranged in simple terra-cotta flowerpots, are an attractive seasonal decoration that can be clustered together on the table or used to dress up the buffet. At the end of the meal, offer each guest a pot to take home.

You don’t need a platter to serve baguettes. Simply wrap them in a clean towel, and let guests break off a portion and pass them around the table.

Choose natural textures for serving and decorating. Rustic wood candlesticks make lovely table accessories, and wicker baskets can hold glass bottles or extra silverware.

When setting your table, select autumn colors inspired by nature, such as orange, green, yellow and plum. The rich shades add a feeling of warmth to any gathering.