Tips & Techniques Thanksgiving Create the Classic Thanksgiving Table

Create an autumn harvest centerpiece with sprays of dried wheat and grasses such as rice stalks and lavender in simple terra-cotta flowerpots. Offer each guest a pot to take home at the end of the meal.

When decorating your Thanksgiving table, choose items that fit the mood of the season, such as persimmons, apples, pumpkins, dried flowers and branches. Use a few to create a centerpiece that turns the meal into a celebration.

Chargers with a natural texture and neutral color are perfect for an informal Thanksgiving table. Select a simple runner, laid over the bare tabletop, to complete the style.

Display candles in glass hurricanes filled with classic autumn motifs such as acorns and pine cones. Alternatively, select candlesticks with rustic textures to complement the setting.

Repeating patterns create a pleasing effect, so limit decorations to a few beautiful elements in a few colors. Focus on three shades -- such as mango wood, pale orange and sage green -- for a unified presentation.