Tips & Techniques Ingredients All About Risotto
A specialty of northern Italy, risotto has earned a place as a legendary Italian dish. Rich, creamy and irresistible, it has become a favorite outside its homeland as well. Because risotto can be embellished with any number of savory ingredients, including cheeses, vegetables, meats and seafood as well as sweet additions, such as dried fruit and chocolate, it will quickly become one of the most versatile and well-loved dishes in your cooking repertoire.

Much of the Italian harvest is used for making risotto. Italians have traditionally served it as primo, the first course, after the antipasto and before the secondo, the meat or fish course. Nowadays, risotto has assumed additional roles in the meal, appearing as a main course or a complementary side dish as well as a first course. Indeed, a bowl of steaming risotto, a crisp green salad, some country bread and a good bottle of wine will delight even the most discriminating diner.