Modern life doesn’t leave much time to get nutritious meals on the table. These tools do a lot of the work for you, so a delicious dinner will be ready with little effort.


Immersion Circulator – Intense flavors are the hallmark of sous vide cooking—and this technique is a great way to prepare large batches of food to have on hand for quick weeknight meals. Refrigerate the cooked food until you’re ready to brown and serve it.

Soup Maker – Prepare homemade soup in about the time it would take to open and heat canned soup. Simply combine the ingredients in the soup maker; its razor-sharp blades chop or mince the food so prep is a breeze. The appliance then cooks, purees and keeps the soup warm until you’re ready to eat.

Slow Cooker –Just prep the ingredients and place in the slow cooker before you leave the house. The appliance will cook the food and keep it warm so dinner will be ready when you return. Our favorite one has an insert that goes from the stovetop to the cooker and directly into the dishwasher for true one-pot cooking.

Electric Rotisserie – We all love roast chicken—but not the time it takes and the mess it makes. A rotisserie oven solves the problem. It cooks the bird in about an hour, locking in flavor while fat and grease drain off into an easy-to-clean tray.

Convection Oven – Restaurants have long relied on convection ovens to speed up cooking. Now bring this same technology into your own kitchen. An internal fan circulates hot air inside the oven, cooking foods up to 30% faster and more evenly. For families that eat at different times, a top heating element keeps foods warm so everyone will enjoy a hot meal.

Professional Blender – A favorite in restaurant kitchens, professional blenders are equipped with a powerful motor. These machines not only puree whole vegetables and fruits in seconds, the friction they create can cook soup in 5 minutes. Cleanup is easy: just add warm water, a few drops of soap and turn on the blender.

Food Processor – The workhorse of the kitchen, food processors shred cheese, slice vegetables, puree sauces and mix bread dough. Ours come with separate work bowls so you don’t have to stop and clean the bowl when you’re processing different foods.

Panini Press – This appliance is ideal for quick and creative meals any time of day. Pile cheese and leftover meats onto bread to make satisfying grilled cheese sandwiches. Our favorite panini press has a 25% larger grilling surface that can cook enough burgers, chicken breasts or sandwiches for the entire family.

Potato Ricer – The most efficient tool for making perfect mashed potatoes, a ricer extrudes unpeeled boiled potatoes in fluffy rice-like grains. There’s no need to peel them beforehand—a great time-saver.

Multi-Chopper - Instead of enlisting an army of specialized knives for slicing, dicing, wedging and coring fruits and vegetables, use this one easy-to-operate tool. Simply press whole produce through the different-size blades and cut the food into uniform pieces in a fraction of the time.