Fuel up your kids with a healthy midday meal. These ideas will help you think outside the lunch box.

The sandwich board
Elevate sandwiches from good to great. Choose the bread, be it sliced white, wheat or multigrain, hot dog buns or pita pockets. Then get creative with proteins, spreads, add-ons and more.

Fun fruitwiches
Take a few simple ingredients and voilà – an eye-catching lunchtime treat. Here are some tasty combos: apple slices with cheddar cheese and peanut butter on focaccia, or almond butter with honey and banana slices on whole-wheat bread.

Wrap and roll
Vary the sandwich routine and make portable packages. For the wrappers, try tortillas, lavash or romaine lettuce; for the glue: cream cheese, hummus, jam, mayo or refried beans; and the filling: sliced deli meat, shredded chicken, tuna salad, cheese or vegetables.

Pretty pinwheels
Roll up a wrap and slice it crosswise to form colorful spirals, then thread the pinwheels on skewers or toothpicks. Need some easy wrap ideas? Take a flour tortilla and add ham and cheddar cheese, or salami and brie, and give it a roll.

Skewer it
Threaded on a stick, food is super-fun to eat. Combine your kids’ favorites, be it ham and pineapple, or chicken, bell pepper and barbecue sauce. Lunch will disappear in no time.

Information adapted from The Lunch Box, by Kate McMillan & Sarah Putman Clegg (Weldon Owen, Inc., 2011).