Time to Tailgate

Pack your cooler and portable grill and savor this all-American tradition: the tailgate party. Our menu features easy-to-prepare foods that make a satisfying pregame meal, from a hearty Italian hero sandwich to gooey s’mores. To ensure your tailgate is a perfect one, keep these tips in mind:

Pack your coolers: Make sure meats and perishable side dishes are well packed in ice-filled coolers. Keep raw meats and vegetables that will be cooked later in one cooler and prepared salads and other foods in another one. If you only have one cooler, place raw meats in the bottom and store foods that don’t need any cooking on top, carefully sealed to protect against contamination.

Transport your grill: A small portable grill will usually do the job, although if you plan to feed a crowd, go ahead and pack up your big kettle grill.

Pick your spot: Most people tailgate outside of sports arenas in the parking lots. You can tailgate anywhere, but be careful to set your grill only on a nonflammable surface, away from heavy traffic areas.

Be fire safe: Never leave a hot grill unattended. Before you put your grill back into the car, make sure you have safely put out the fire and that the grill has cooled.