Quick & Easy Lunch

We know Mom will love this tasty lunch because you prepared it especially for her. Ask Dad to help you out—he can take you shopping and maybe even dry the dishes!

Here are some simple recipes plus tips on how you and Dad can share the work in the kitchen.

- Help cut the vegetables for the dippers.
- Supervise kids as they chop the ingredients for the salad and make the dressing in a blender.
- Hard-cook the eggs and chop the herbs for the sandwiches.
- Assist kids as they beat the cake ingredients in the electric mixer.
- Help cut the lemons for the pink lemonade.

- Stir all the ingredients for the dip and give it a taste-test!
- Chop the salad ingredients and make the dressing (with Dad’s help), then toss everything together.
- Peel and chop the eggs for the sandwiches and stir in the other ingredients.
- Mix the cake batter, hull the strawberries and decorate the cake.
- Squeeze the lemons and push the strawberries through a sieve for the pink lemonade.