Harvest Buffet

Depending on where you live, an autumn dinner party can be held outside in the glow of string lights or garden torches, or indoors by candle and firelight. Either way, create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a buffet table that reflects the richness of the harvest season. Decorate with gourds, grapes, persimmons and pomegranates, piled high in bowls and compotes. For color cues on linens, look to the turning leaves.

Here you'll find a menu of simple, hearty fare that highlights the season's bounty, including squash, apples and green beans. The aroma of herb-roasted turkey and Roquefort popovers will draw guests in and make them feel at home. To accompany this sense-pleasing meal, choose full-bodied wines, sparkling Burgundy, cider and ginger beer.