Cooking with Kids

Many of us have fond memories from childhood of spending time in the kitchen alongside a parent or grandparent. Those experiences, gained when we are young, help shape the way we cook and eat for years to come. Sharing the value and pleasures of cooking with your own children will be rewarding and fun for all of you.

Encouraging your kids to cook will build their confidence and give them a sense of accomplishment. Whether you are just beginning to cook with your children or they are ready to cook on their own, these tips will provide you with valuable information:

-How to share the kitchen with your children, including learning about food and shopping, making time to cook and beginning to cook together.

-Guidance for appropriate skills by age, from young kids encountering their first experiences in the kitchen to preschoolers, young cooks, preteens and teenagers.

-Cooking safely with children, including setting a good example, general kitchen safety, food safety, using knives, and working with heat and appliances.

With a little patience on your part and a little practice on their part, your children will learn about food and healthy eating, while developing valuable skills that will serve them for a lifetime. But what they will remember most is the special time they spent with you.

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