Breakfast in Bed

What’s the best gift you can give Mom on Mother’s Day? A delicious breakfast that you cooked yourself (with a little help from Dad).

These easy recipes will get you started. (Choose either the frittata or waffles as the main course.) First, read through them and make a shopping list. If you live near a farmers’ market, ask Dad to take you there. Most farmers will let you try a sample before you buy, so choose the tastiest fruits for the salad. (Pick up a bouquet of flowers for Mom while you’re there.) Then head home and start cooking—and have fun!

- Help kids cook and flip the frittata.
- Heat the waffle maker and help children cook the waffles.
- Fry the sausages.
- Supervise kids as they cut up the fruit for the salad.
- Help kids make the syrup for the citrus spritzers.

- Crack and whisk the eggs, grate the cheese and, with Dad’s help, cook the frittata.
- Mix up the ingredients for the waffles, stir the chocolate malted syrup—and taste to see that it’s perfect!
- Grate the apple for the sausages, stir all the ingredients together and shape the mixture into patties. You can do this the evening before.
- Cut up the fruit and assemble the salad. You can do this an hour or so before breakfast.
- Squeeze the juice for the citrus spritzers.