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About Rebecca

Rebecca Seal is an English food and drink writer whose work has been published in the Financial Times, Evening Standard, Guardian, Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph and The Observer. She became fascinated by Turkish cuisine after visiting the country and discovering food that is "as diverse as its architecture." Her new book, Istanbul, is a collection of recipes and vibrant photographs inspired by her experience in the diverse city.

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Q&A with Rebecca

Q: What is your culinary background?

A: I've been a food and drink writer for a decade, on Observer Food Monthly for six years and since then I've been freelance for British broadsheets and magazines. Plus I edit a food and a drink magazine for the Soho House group of restaurants and hotels worldwide. Before all of that, I worked in restaurants before, during and after university, ultimately becoming a manager of a fun tapas place in Oxford.

Q: What drew you to Turkey and the city of Istanbul?

A: Turkish food is so delicious but – here in the UK at least – it's misunderstood. We think it's all super-hot kebabs! But it's incredibly varied, richly flavored and also great for vegetarians, and I wanted to bring people's attention to that – everyone is missing out! Istanbul is a beautiful, dizzying, intoxicating place with an incredible food culture, plus it is home to people from all over Turkey and the surrounding regions, which makes the food even more diverse.

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Turkish Flatbread Yogurt Dip Smoky Eggplant Dip Cucumber and Walnut Salad Spinach and Pom Salad
Rebecca's Product Picks

OXO Salad Spinner >
It's slightly absurd of me to be so enamored of a salad spinner, but this is a really satisfying piece of good design. I use it to wash herbs as well as salad leaves. The rubber bottom means it won't spin off the counter.

Pizzacraft™ Round Pizza Stone >
Mine is heavily stained from frequent happy use – not only pizzas but dishes like my lahmacun (a Turkish dough topped with meat) and breads, which cook brilliantly on these. Almost as good as a pizza oven. Almost.

Cuisinart Elite Die-Cast Food Processor >
I recently got one of these and I love it. Not just because it is weighty and tough and does everything you can think of, but because it has spare bowls and blades of different sizes, so you don't have to wash up if you need to use it several times during one meal's worth of prep.

Cirrus Ice Ball Press Kit >
This has been on my wish list for ages, ever since a bartending friend showed one off at a cocktail competition I was judging. I can't honestly say I need an ice sphere maker, but I reckon my life would be richer if I had one.

Walnut Muddler >
I love my muddler. It's the perfect tool for crushing the oils and juices out of citrus, or squishing out the flavor from seasonal berries, ready to be turned into a perfect cocktail.

Le Creuset Signature Cookware Set >
I'm a Le Creuset addict, I freely admit it. I have red mugs, an orange salt crock, purple bakeware, orange casserole dishes, blue cocottes and several frying pans. For one thing, Le Creuset always works brilliantly in photographs, so I use it for styling food shots a lot, but they're all also really good, dependable utensils. And then... they also look pretty against my plain white walls on plain white shelves.