Black Gift Set

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    Open a pizzeria at home or delight someone with this gift set. Pizza crusts bake to perfection on the high-performance baking stone, crafted of premium Burgundian clay with an exceptionally durable Flame® finish. It's combined with two pizza-making essentials from Italy – a beech wood peel and a rotary cutting wheel. Set includes Emile Henry Black Pizza Stone, Beech Wood Pizza Peel and Beech Wood Pizza Wheel. Emile Henry Black Pizza Stone: Designed for use in the oven, on the grill or over an open flame, the premium ceramic stone produces crispy, golden crusts and doubles as a cutting surface. Also great for roasting meat and vegetables. Beech Wood Pizza Peel: Italian classic for sliding pizza in and out of a hot oven safely.  Beech Wood Pizza Wheel: Razor-sharp Italian-made tool cuts easily through even the thickest crusts and heartiest toppings.
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    Our long-simmered braising sauces bring a bounty of flavor to beef, pork and chicken dishes, minimizing prep time while adding delicious character. Crafted in small batches with all-natural ingredients that include full-bodied wines, fresh vegetables and gourmet spices, the sauces offer delicious depth and complexity of flavor. Combine with meat or poultry in a slow cookers or Dutch ovens. Our special set of four braising sauces includes Black Truffle Short Rib, French Red Wine and Leek, and Irish Stout. Black Truffle Short Rib: Add luxurious character to classic homemade short ribs with a combination of earthy black truffles, red Burgundy wine, sweet caramelized onions, savory garlic and aromatic herbs. French Red Wine and Leak: Classic French ingredients and seasonings impart a complex and satisfying flavor. This simmering sauce utilizes Burgundy wine and tomatoes alongside strong savory onion, garlic and aromatic herbs. Irish Stout: Classic, hearty and bold, this sauce features strong stout beer in the foreground that’s complemented by onion garlic and veal stock, for a rich savory flavor that lasts. Set of three, one of each flavor 11.5 to 12 oz. each. Made in USA with American and imported ingredients.  
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    The best meals begin with quality ingredients, like salt and pepper, oil and vinegar and savory seasonings. We've gathered our most versatile pantry essentials to create a truly useful gift that's sure to be savored for months to come. A thoughtful gift for housewarming gatherings, newlyweds, budding cooks and seasoned chefs alike, the set includes: Williams Sonoma House Olive Oil: Smooth and buttery extra-virgin olive oil made from 100% California-grown late-harvest Arbequina olives. (6.8 fl. oz.) Williams Sonoma House Balsamic: Smooth, tangy balsamic crafted in Modena, Italy from the juice of white Trebbiano grapes and aceto balsamico , aged for up to 18 years. (12.7 fl. oz.) Coarse Brazilian Sea Salt: Mineral-rich sea salt hand harvested from the waters off the coast of Brazil. (2.4 oz.) 5-Pepper Blend Peppercorns: Black, white, pink and green peppercorns with fragrant Jamaican allspice to add aromatic flavor to soups, brines, marinades and meats. (2.4 oz.) Lemon Herb Seasoning: Fragrant blend of sea salt, lemon peel, garlic, onion and aromatic herbs. (2.4 oz.) Made in USA and Italy.
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    Tsar Nicoulai produces top-quality, sustainably raised caviar at its aquafarm in California’s Central Valley. Unlike other producers, they do not mix eggs from different fish; each jar contains eggs from a single sturgeon, packed at the time of order, and preserved only with salt. This gift set of black caviars showcases their best offerings, served at some of the country's finest restaurants. It’s a fun and festive way to savor the diversity of tastes and textures offered by different types of caviar. Serve on bite-size blini (8 oz. mix is included), top with dollop of tangy crème fraîche and pair with a crisp sparkling wine to enjoy a mouthful of luxury in every bite. Select Caviar features medium-bead caviar with marbled green/platinum color, medium firmness with a good pop, and a mild, nutty flavor. Estate Caviar has a medium-size bead with lustrous brown-black color, slightly softer texture, a fresh flavor and smooth, buttery finish. Paddlefish Caviar’s smaller eggs have a charcoal grey hue with hints of green, and a strong, grassy flavor. Blini mix makes it simple to whip up dollar-size buckwheat pancakes to accompany your tastes of caviar. Set includes 1 oz. each of Select Estate, Estate and Paddlefish caviars plus 8 oz. blini mix (makes 30 blini). Packaged in an elegant gift box. Shipped chilled. Product of USA.
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    The secret to the ultimate umami-packed flavor is a pantry stocked with legendary truffle condiments from Regalis Foods. These luxurious kitchen staples instantly transform everything from grilled meats, vegetables and artisan cheeses to egg dishes and popcorn. Founded by Ian Purkayastha, Regalis is a top purveyor of rare truffles and authentic truffle condiments for Michelin-starred chefs around the globe. Our gift trio of savory pantry picks includes: White Truffle Butter: A favorite of the world's great chefs, this fragrant golden butter makes just about everything taste amazing. It's blended with minced white truffles from Italy for rich, earthy flavor with delicate hints of garlic. Black Truffle Sauce: To create this chunky sauce, artisans combine earthy champignons de Paris (European mushrooms) and extra-virgin olive oil with bits of fragrant Italian black summer truffles from Abruzzo. Black Truffle Salt: For intense, earthy flavor, artisans blend Sicilian sea salt with bits of aromatic Italian black summer truffles. Set includes three tins; one of each flavor. 3 oz. total. Made in USA and Italy.
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    Experience a taste of the American South with our trio of slow-simmered barbecue sauces. They're handcrafted for finger-lickin' flavor, with premium ingredients like Kentucky bourbon, ancho chiles, sweet Vidalia onions, fresh mangoes and real molasses. Brush them on everything from burgers and ribs to grilled steaks, chicken and pork. Sweet Onion Applewood: A Southern blend of smoke and spices, with sweet Vidalia onions, fragrant applewood smoke, apple juice, molasses, black pepper and red chiles. Bourbon Black Pepper: Robust red barbecue sauce made with real Kentucky bourbon, ancho chiles and hickory for smoky heat, with a touch of molasses and tomato puree for tangy sweetness. Mango Habanero: Bold and spicy blend sauce of ripe mangoes, tomatoes and fiery chiles. Fresh ginger, lime juice and Jamaican jerk spices add a lively finish. Set includes three 8-oz. bottles. 24-oz. total. Made in USA.
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    This old-fashioned set from the Bitter Housewife ensures you have the very best ingredients for your cocktail. Made in small batches, the bitters tincture includes dried bing cherries, ginger, nutmeg, black walnut leaf and wild cherry bark. Combined with the traditional simple syrup and your favorite whiskey, the result is nothing short of extraordinary. Set includes aromatic bitters (1.7 fl. oz.) and simple syrup (3.4 fl. oz.). Crafted with all organic ingredients. Mix with whiskey or brandy. Made in USA.
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    Our long-simmered braising sauces bring a bounty of flavor to beef and chicken dishes, minimizing prep time while adding delicious character. Crafted in small batches with all-natural ingredients that include full-bodied wines, fresh vegetables and gourmet spices, the sauces offer delicious depth and complexity of flavor. Combine with meat or poultry in a slow cookers or Dutch ovens. Our special set of three braising sauces includes Coq Au Vin, Meyer Lemon and Beef Bourguignon. Set of three, one of each flavor. Coq Au Vin: Our authentic sauce simplifies preparing this rich, savory French favorite. Its all-natural ingredients include full-bodied red wine, veal stock, earthy cremini mushrooms and traditional seasonings, long-simmered to achieve delicious depth and complexity. Meyer Lemon: Our vibrant sauce blends tangy Meyer lemons with mellow roasted garlic and fine California Chardonnay, highlighting the bright flavors with French Dijon mustard and herbs. Ingredients are slowly simmered to create a rich, flavorful sauce. Beef Bourguignon: Boeuf bourguignonne is a specialty of France's Burgundian countryside. Our all-natural blend combines  red wine, beef stock, cremini mushrooms and herbs for authentic French flavors. 11.5 oz. each. Made in USA with American and imported ingredients.
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    The perfect gift for tea lovers, this set of five delightfully flavored premium teas includes four greens and one black, blended with flowers, spices and fruit. The signature tea blends from the Parisian company, Palais des Thés, feature the freshest, most exceptional teas from all over the world. Turn any time of the day into tea time with these lovely French teas. Set of five includes Thé des Moines, Fleur de Geisha, Grand Jasmin Chun Feng, Thé des Sables, Thé des Sources. .4 oz. each. (6-8 cups)
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    The chefs of the Williams Sonoma Test Kitchen took our customers' all-time-favorite recipes and turned them into time-saving meal starters designed exclusively for the Instant Pot. This gift set features two of our most popular starters – Lemon Parmesan Leek Risotto and Tortilla Soup. Cook them in the Instant Pot and in less than 20 minutes, they'll be ready to serve and enjoy. Lemon Parmesan Leek Risotto: Savory blend of arborio rice, Parmesan cheese, leeks and citrus. (11 oz.) Tortilla Soup: Made with a blend of ancho and Hatch chiles, black beans, lime, garlic and spices. (5.6 oz.) Set of two, one of each flavor. 16.6 oz. total. Each serves 4–6. Made in USA.