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Dress Up Your Beverages with A Soda Siphon

Start having fun with your own soda siphon at home. If you love carbonation, fizzy fruit drinks, bubbly ales and all kinds of new aqua frescas, this is the kitchen tool your life has been missing. This is a bit of a novelty item in most homes, so expect it to be a conversation starter, too. Pull your soda siphon out when you have guests coming over, when you're looking for a fun kitchen activity to do as a family or any time you need a seriously bespoke cocktail.

What Is A Soda Siphon?

A soda siphon is a special bottle made for dispensing carbonated drinks. The bottle is self-pressurized by way of a valve that lets you pour a portion without losing the fizz in the rest. If you make your own sodas, seltzers or other waters, this siphon is indispensable.

  • A classic soda siphon consists of a tall, cylindrical bottle with a flat bottom and a top made for dispensing easily. The handle usually juts out a bit from the back of the bottle to release the soda before closing back up again tightly.
  • Some soda siphons are made of mesh. The mesh lets you see your sodas, plus it gives your siphon an easy grip. This look has been popular since the beginning of the 20th century, when soda siphons started appearing in home bars everywhere.
  • With the advent of convenient soda makers, soda siphons are resurfacing as a fun item to keep in your kitchen or bar.

Making Your Own Waters

Look to the new sparkling water and soda makers to begin making your own waters at home. This is an appealing pastime and great way to introduce new flavors and textures into your culinary repertoire.

  • Choose a sparkling water maker that you can use regularly. They don't take up much space and they're easy to use, so don't worry if you've never done this before. You'll be making your own sodas in no time.
  • Ensure you have basic bar tools, like a muddler or strainer, to flavor your waters with fruit or herbs. Making an infusion gives drinks a delicious, unique flavor.
  • Pour your sodas into a soda siphon for pouring out a serving at a time. If you're making sodas for a party, you may want glass carafes to place on the tabletop with your centerpiece and other dishes, so guests can help themselves.

When hosting a brunch or enjoying a late Sunday morning off from work, mix up a specialized cocktail with your soda siphon, a cocktail shaker and a beautiful bar glass. You'll be glad you got your soda siphon once you start enjoying customized beverages of all sorts.

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