Find Something for Everyone with Family Gift Ideas

Sometimes, the best gift is one for the whole family. Maybe you're looking for something unique to give to a family you love -- a relative who just moved to a new home or a holiday gift for a dear friend's whole household. Other times, the gift is for your family, just because it's time to do something special together. Get into some group think with these family gift ideas.

What Are Family Gift Ideas?

Family gifts are for everyone in the family. Many times, people buy gifts for each family member. A family gift skips the individual gifts and goes straight for something amazing everyone will love.

  • Since you're only selecting one gift, choose something bigger, more substantial and long-lasting.
  • Decide on something everyone will love. Even if only Mom or Dad can operate the gift -- for instance, a small appliance -- everyone should enjoy the final product, like a fresh batch of cookies or ice cream.
  • Add a few smaller gifts to your larger gift, so that kids have something to unwrap. Pick gifts that go together for a personalized gift set.

Picking Gifts The Whole Family Can Use

Center your family gift idea around something the whole family can enjoy together. Cooking and other kitchen projects are wholesome, memorable and while away a wonderful day together.

  • Pizza ovens have an undeniable appeal. These specialty ovens fire up to bake a beloved food that has become a cultural touchstone as much as a meal.
  • Ice cream makers bring out the child in every family member. Whip up your favorite flavors with starters and creative ingredients.
  • Pancake and waffles are a traditional weekend fare for many families. Boost the fun quotient with a new waffle maker or pancake flipper.
  • Kids tend to fall hard for their favorite characters, so don't forget the goods with Harry Potter, Star Wars or other imaginative figures.

Selecting A Family Gift Together

Since the gift is for the whole family, get your whole family in on selecting it.

  • If you're shopping for your own family, show your partner and kids different options. Let everyone decide together which would be more fun, either by voting or round-table discussion. You know your family best.
  • If you're shopping for another family, think about conversations you've had with them or good times you have shared. Are they a movie night family who would love a popcorn set or a bunch of bakers who need aprons and spatulas?

Giving gifts to so many people at once is a delight for everyone involved. Choose wisely and watch your favorite families enjoy your gift for years to come.

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