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Electric Fryers

Frying at home is a great way of making crispy foods just right, but it can also involve some other culinary considerations. From controlling the temperature of the oil to cleaning up splatters and being careful while frying, the process can take a bit of time to get used to. That’s even with the help of a precision appliance such as an electric fry pan. The electric deep fryer and air fryer products that we offer at Williams Sonoma may just be the ideal solution for cooking fried foods in your home. Consider the designs carefully to make the right choice for your needs.

Fryer Designs and Types

There are two main types of electric fryers: deep fryers and air fryers. A deep fryer uses oil, while an air fryer relies on circulating hot air to mimic the oil bath that gives fried foods their crunch. Because they don’t use oil, air fryers are generally considered healthier than deep fat fryers. They can also be safer to use and easier to clean up. The electric fryers we offer are all safe though, because they use lids, baskets and other features that reduce the distance between you and the hot oil. They also allow the food to stay covered as it cooks.

Air Fryer Accessories

Air fryers often come with accessories such as fry baskets or pizza pans that make it easy to cook a wide variety of foods using these small appliances. In some cases, these accessories are sold separately, allowing you to choose what cooking options work well for the kinds of food you want to air fry. This versatility gives air fryers a bit of an advantage over deep fryers, but some people prefer the depth of flavor and richness of food fried in oil. This is a matter of personal preference. It might be that there’s room for both types of electric fryers in your kitchen and that you love using both.

Other Things to Consider

You also want to think about factors such as the overall size and capacity of the fryer. A fryer’s exterior dimensions can determine how easy the appliance is to store in your kitchen. The internal capacity tells you how much food you can cook at once. Take care to look at the type of controls your electric fryer uses. Some of these appliances include pre-set buttons for easy cooking, while others simply use analog on/off operation. If you want to be able to set the exact temperature of the oil, look for a model with digital temperature controls.

After you’ve selected the right electric fryer for your cooking and lifestyle needs, consider picking up some extra accessories to make your frying experience easy and creative. We offer a wide variety of different accessories that are useful for frying, including tongs for grabbing and whisks for mixing batters. Accessories such as prep bowls and even a casserole dish can be helpful for battering foods for fat or air frying, while cooling racks and serving platters can make it easier to drain oil-fried food. The more tools you have on hand, the more you can experiment with and find new uses for your electric fryer.

Whether you want an easy way to make snacks for parties or you want to explore new culinary horizons, a fryer can make a big difference.