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Breakfast Pans

Specialty cookware is at its best early in the morning. Williams-Sonoma‘s selection of breakfast pans can help you make a decadent spread of eggs, crepes, waffles and more, perfect for early-morning meals or rule-breaking all-day breakfast opportunities. If you‘ve ever experienced the joy of a hearty breakfast-for-dinner, you‘ll know that there‘s no bad time to tuck into a veggie-packed omelet, a sweetly sumptuous crepe or a delicious stack of eggs benedict. The specialty cookware in this section can make your breakfast dreams a reality whenever you want. With the power to create your own breakfast foods in the comfort of your own kitchen, you‘ll never be beholden to breakfast convention again.


Pair this cookware with other breakfast-appropriate tools such as juicers for fresh-squeezed OJ or mimosas, whisks for creating fluffy eggs and pancake batter, and small pitchers to hold your maple syrup. From your romantic partner to a large group of friends and family, we have everything you need to create an amazing breakfast feast for any number of dining guests. We even have some breakfast mixes to take some of the legwork out of making homemade waffles, pancakes, doughnuts and scones. Whether it‘s for a special occasion such as a birthday or Mother‘s day or you‘re just feeling a special hunger that only breakfast can satisfy, our selection of breakfast pans and associated accessories can help you make your culinary dreams a reality.


In addition to the pans in this section, we carry a collection of breakfast electronics to help make your homemade breakfast buffet come to fruition with ease. Yogurt makers, crepe makers, waffle irons, egg cookers and bread machines are all on offer. You can make a completely from-scratch breakfast spread all on your own with the assistance of these handy machines. You can even make several items ahead, such as soft- or hard-cooked eggs in their shells, yogurt and bread, allowing you to focus on day-of prep work with less on your to-do list.


Our breakfast pans have a few distinct advantages of their own when compared to breakfast electronics. For example, while a waffle iron is an efficient tool that can also multitask, you can only use it in a space where you have an appropriate electrical outlet. Our waffle pan, on the other hand, can travel with you; you could even theoretically use it while camping. So if you have what you consider to be a complete collection of electric breakfast tools, consider the breakfast pans in this section. They could end up adding some much-needed variety to your repertoire.