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Revol Cooks Tools

Enhance flavor and expand your cooking techniques with Revol cooks tools available at Williams-Sonoma. Revol is a family-run French company that has been producing culinary porcelain for restaurants and households for more than 225 years. Revol’s porcelain vessels are oil dispensers and cruets that are ideal for keeping specialty oils handy near the stovetop. Made of hand-glazed porcelain and embossed with a Provençal bee and Huile and Provence labels, these oil cruets add French styling to any kitchen or restaurant. Each Revol dispenser is constructed from nonporous porcelain that is hygienic and resists chipping. The cruets feature a stainless-steel nozzle that has two holes for controlled pouring.

Use the Revol cruets to store oils and vinegars for easy use on the stovetop or in baking and cooking. Revol’s oil dispensers come in two shapes including an elegant curved bottle and a striking straight edged dispenser. Both dispensers feature a black stopper to cap the bottle when not in use preserving the flavor and authenticity of even the most designer oils. Mix and match oil dispensers to suit your needs and store various oils from canola to olive and truffle as well as vinegars including fruity and balsamic blends.

Once you have an oil and vinegar dispenser from Revol, you may be inspired to add cooks tools designed to enhance flavor and cooking technique. Use spatulas to evenly distribute oils at the bottom of a frying pan to sauté meats and vegetables. You can also opt for a wooden or synthetic brush to spread oils across baking pans to prevent baked goods and casseroles from sticking to the bottom of the pans and sheets. Use oil brushes to add oil-based marinades to meats and poultry before grilling on your outdoor cook stove or on the stovetop in your kitchen.

One of the most common uses of oil in cooking is in sauté pans to prevent foods from sticking and to add flavor and zest to meals. Use Revol oil cruets to add special oils with flavor enhancers for bold breakfasts, or stick to simple extra virgin olive oils for an oil that can tackle any recipe. You can use oils on any cookware from stainless-steel to copper and nonstick surfaces. Revol oil dispensers are particularly useful with cast iron pans as you can use special oils to grease and protect the cast iron before and after each use. Since Revol’s oil dispensers are made of porcelain, they pair well visually with ceramic cookware.

While oil is an essential in any kitchen, you’ll also need the right tools to prevent it from causing a mess. Opt for splatter screens that will keep your counter and stovetop clean, particularly when cooking fatty foods such as bacon or oil dense meals. Splatter screens allow water vapor to escape, minimizing the effect of condensation on flavors, and they also keep your oils in the pan to develop the flavors you desire. Opt for a stainless-steel version or silicone alternative to suit your specific kitchen needs and aesthetic.

Add the perfect amount of oil every time with measuring cups and spoons designed for precise portions. Dispense your oils directly from your Revol cruet into the correct sized spoon or cup depending on the requirements of your recipe. Using measurement cups and spoons while working with oils is particularly useful when baking and creating sweet treats as oils can effect the consistency of batters. Make sure to follow recipes closely to avoid altering the consistency of your treats. The Revol dispenser makes this easy with a controlled pour spout. Since there are no strict rules to the art of cooking, you can also free hand the amount of oil you add, particularly to sautéed dishes to achieve your desired results.

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