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American Girl™ by Williams-Sonoma

Virtually any young cook would appreciate having a set of tools to call her own. Learning the tricks of the trade in the kitchen can be both entertaining and educational. With the American Girl™ line of cooking and baking tools by Williams-Sonoma, girls can begin creating in the kitchen with style. A cupcake set, baking set and even a lemonade stand kit are available to get a young cook cooking successfully. With cookbooks included, young cooks and bakers will learn fundamentals as they gain experience in the kitchen. Donʼt forget to add a pretty spatula to a gadget collection, too!

Encourage youngsters to hone kitchen skills with the Junior Chef collection, which can be the ideal complement to the American Girl™ collection. These pint-sized pans, tools and gadgets will fit smaller cooks as they learn cooking skills. The nonstick pieces will assure cooking success every time, and you can choose from pans, such as a griddle, fry pan and covered chefʼs pan. For the little baker in your kitchen, a bakeware set will provide all the essentials, including rolling pin, measuring cups, measuring spoons, baking pan and cooling rack. With a chefʼs hat and chefʼs jacket, your small cook will be ready for action in the kitchen.

Itʼs always exciting to add new arrivals to a kitchen collection. Spiralizers are a fun kitchen trend that many cooks are trying. The ability to make corkscrew noodles out of vegetables, such as zucchini or beets, can add vibrant colors and important nutrients to your meals. This may even be an effective way to get youngsters to eat their vegetables. While your young chef is busy with her American Girl™ baking and cooking sets, you can prepare colorful meals that are packed with nutrients. Other new arrivals to consider adding to your kitchen arsenal include an extensive line of copper tools, such as measuring spoons, pizza tools and serving spoons.

Keep everything organized in the kitchen with distinctive utensil holders. Crocks and caddies combine function and style in the kitchen, holding all your spoons and ladles within armʼs reach while showing off beautiful colors and materials. You canʼt go wrong with hammered copper in the kitchen, and utensil holders come in a variety of sizes. Stainless-steel and marble are always beautiful choices as well. A utensil holder can even hold a youngsterʼs special American Girl™ tools, keeping them separate from the general kitchen tools. A utensil holder with partitions helps with organization, keeping similar tools together in the crock. Pairing a utensil tool with a lazy Susan makes it easier than ever to grab the tool you need.

If you want to make desserts that are sure to please the whole family, ice cream tools and pops can ensure success. Keep several single bowl ice cream makers in the freezer for fast and easy homemade ice cream. Simply add the ingredients and give them a stir to watch ice cream develop before your eyes. Having a cream whipper gives you plenty of options, especially when you have a baker in the kitchen mixing up desserts with an American Girl™ baking set. Just pour cream into the dispenser, attach the N20 charger and dispense the rich and velvety whipped cream onto cupcakes or cakes. The dispenser even comes with decorator tips.

Kids often embrace technology more easily than adults. When you have an active chef in the kitchen using assorted American Girl™ cooking and baking sets, add a few tech tools to your gadgetry collection. Youʼll be following recipes easily with a kitchen stand designed to hold tablets. A Bluetooth speaker will allow you to watch cooking video demonstrations or listen to music while you cook. You might be surprised how motivating and encouraging cooking and baking sets from American Girl™ can be for a budding chef.

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