Kaiser Bakeware

Designed and engineered in Germany, the Kaiser Bakeware line may become your go-to pans for your most delectable desserts and main dishes. Exceptional designs and features ensure the highest quality in both materials and workmanship. These pans will stand the test of time, remaining strong and without blemish for year after year.

Imagine whipping up and unveiling a delectable cheesecake or torte, thanks to your Kaiser Bakeware springform pan from Williams-Sonoma. Presenting a cheesecake on distinctive serveware might make for an unforgettable dessert treat. The sides of these springform pans release easily when you unfasten the clamp, so you’ll never have to worry about problems with presentation. This is especially ideal for cheesecakes, since you cannot invert them before serving.

With some springform pans, you’ll end up with a mess in your oven or on the counter due to leakage between the bottom and the clamped sides. This is never the case with Kaiser Bakeware, thanks to the 100 percent leak resistance. This durable steel stays strong for use after use. These pans will complement any other cake pans and bread and loaf pans you have in your kitchen. Special ceramic coating on the base of the pans is made to resist scratching. What’s more, the pieces also feature a nonstick coating that easily releases foods and cleans up nicely too. You are free to use virtually any type of utensil with this bakeware without fear of scratching or damaging the surfaces. From tongs and forks to whisks of every shape and size, you can use every tool freely without annoying scratches.

We think you’ll appreciate the non-stick surface when you see how easily your baked goods pop right out of these pans. With only a thin layer of oil or butter applied to the interior of the pan before use, you’ll have an evenly browned and smooth crust every time. You don’t even need to line the pans with parchment paper or dust them with flour, so expect a beautiful browned outer surface on your cakes and breads.

With Kaiser Bakeware, the time and effort you put into your pastries and baked goods will have exceptional results. You can safely bake up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit with these pans, so your options for baking are virtually unlimited. Go ahead and prepare all of those savory and sweet dishes your family loves, from chocolate tortes to deep-dish quiches packed with vegetables.