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Infuse your dishes with a figurative European flavor when they’re cooked in European bakeware. At Williams-Sonoma, we have numerous bakeware brands hailing from Europe that let you bake anything from pizzas to pies and muffins to macarons.

Ceramic dishes distribute heat evenly for uniform baking. The Burgundian clay used in the Emile Henry range retains heat so that your dish remains warm as you serve it at the table. The French range is designed after a vintage style but its modern craftsmanship means it can withstand your freezer, oven, dishwasher, microwave or broiler.

Use the square baker for casseroles or bar cookies and the rectangular baker for lasagnas or gratins. Some bakeware is specifically designed for certain dishes, such as the loaf pan or pie dish with the brand’s signature ruffled edge. Proof and bake an artisanal loaf using the bread cloche. This striking bakeware emulates traditional brick-oven baking. In the same fashion, the baguette baker proofs and bakes three baguettes in the hand-glazed pan. Whether cooking outdoors on an open flame or inside in the oven, you’ll enjoy crispy pizza crusts when you use the pizza stone. Kids love their own pizzas served directly on mini pizza stones.

For delicate dishes, such as tarts, you can’t go wrong with nonstick bakeware. The golden crusts remain intact after cooking so you can seamlessly transfer your culinary creation to a serving plate without the pastry breaking. The Gobel brand specializes in nonstick bakeware with fluted designs that French pastry chefs cannot do without. The pans have a removable bottom so you can support the crust while the outer edge of the pan is removed. The nonstick properties not only keep your food intact but make for easy cleaning afterward. Go all out with the French theme and attempt cooking brioche using a brioche pan. You’ll certainly appreciate the nonstick fluted design of the pan as you removed the decorative bread in one intact piece.

Satisfy your sweet tooth using silicone molds to create cakes. The silicone design provides even baking and quick cooling with no need to flour or grease the molds beforehand. Try your hand at chocolate bouchons in a flexible bouchon mold or caneles in an innovative canele mold. The de Buyer brand also has a reusable mat for you to prepare a batch of Parisian macarons. Let your kids join in the fun with the decorating tool, which has eight tips for different designs. You can also use it to pipe pastry dough.

When dealing with liquid fillings, such as savory sauce or chocolate, make life easier with a piston funnel. The liquid is released easily through different sized nozzles and dispenses smoothly without the mess you’d get using a spoon. If you just can’t wait for that cookie batch to hurry up and cook, use a perforated sheet pan to speed up the results. The lightweight pan enhances airflow and provides uniform baking in a fast time.

The French porcelain used by Revol Les Naturels gently absorbs heat for the perfect cobblers or pies. The environmentally friendly material stays hot for up to an hour after baking and is also suitable for placement in the freezer when you make a chilled dessert. Impress guests when you’re entertaining by serving individual souffles in ramekin dishes.

Copper is striking in any kitchen and the shiny bakeware pieces look stunning on your countertop or when serving the dishes at the table. Ruffoni Historia and Mauviel both use copper in their designs so consider these brands when looking for sculptural cake molds. The elegant bakeware also makes for a lovely gift.

Known for their no-nonsense practicality, it’s no surprise that a German brand has designed a leakproof pan. Kaiser lets you remove a cheesecake, quiche or torte with ease from their pan thanks to the spring-free side design. Breakages are prevented due to the nonstick coating and the clamp provides easy removal without fiddling around and the risk of damaging your dish.

Do away with pans completely when you use Silpat silicone mats and liners. These clever nonstick sheets make cooking and cleaning easy so you can spend more time enjoying your baked creations.

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