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Emile Henry

Emile Henry was founded in 1850 by a young French potter named
Jacques Henry, who established a small ceramics workshop in
Marcigny, a village in his native Burgundy. The company today is still
proudly owned and operated by the Henry family.


Emile Henry History

Artisans at Emile Henry handcraft high-performance bakeware
and cookware using the finest local Burgundian clay, famous for
its ability to absorb, conduct and retain heat with exceptional efficiency.

Emile Henry History

Original Emile Henry pottery in Marcigny, France, founded in 1850


Each piece is stamped by its artisan

Handcrafting edge and shape details


Applying glaze for durability and beauty

Artisans hand form and finish each piece


Emile Henry Features & Benefits

Uniform Heating

Handcrafted from local
Burgundian clay, famous for
its gentle, even heat
absorption and retention.


Chip & Crack Resistant

Vibrant hand-applied glazes
resist chips and cracks, and
surfaces won't scratch when
you're cutting and slicing.



Resistant to thermal shock,
transitioning from freezer to
oven and safe for the
microwave and dishwasher.



The Best of Emile Henry

emilehenry-spr18d3-product Pie Dishes >Loaf Pans & Bakers >

Pie Dishes >

Colorful glazes and graceful ruffled edges
offer beautiful oven-to-table presentation of
seasonal pies.

Loaf Pans & Bakers >

Homemade loaves and quick breads
bake and brown beautifully in pans made of
heat-retaining Burgundian clay.


emilehenry-spr18d3-product2 Pizza Stones >Bread Bakers >

Pizza Stones >

High-fired ceramic stones for oven or grill
evenly conduct heat for authentic
Italian-style pizzas with crisp, golden crusts.


Bread Bakers >

Covered bakers re-create the delicious results
of brick-oven baking, circulating steam for
tender interiors and crisp, browned crusts.


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