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Baking is an opportunity to spend more time with the people whom you love most. Baking mixes are a kitchen essential when you want to share your love of cooking with your family. Mixes are simple to prepare and are a time-saving option for hectic week nights. Savory breads, such as those flavored with herbs, accent the flavors of soups and stews, while traditional Parker House rolls are a soft, buttery addition to evening meals throughout the year. A variety of dessert breads is also available.

With options like chocolate chip, lemon poppy and cinnamon apple, freshly baked, lightly sweetened bread is the perfect choice for afternoon tea or after-school snack. To personalize your bread, add fruit or whipped cream after baking, or drizzle glaze over warm bread for a sweet flavor boost. To decorate chocolate bread, use chocolate decorating pens to add your monogram, or any other design, to the top of the bread. Pies are another classic dessert to share with friends and family.

Baking pies and tarts is a tasty way to spend an afternoon with your favorite pint-sized chef. Prepare the crust ahead of time, or give your child a rolling pin to crush graham crackers for the crust. Jarred pie filling is a versatile ingredient for tarts, breads and other desserts. Try topping cheesecake with pecan pie filling for a modern twist on an old-fashioned favorite, or stuff chocolate cupcakes with cherry pie filling to create a flavorful dessert. Williams-Sonoma offers both traditional pecan pie filing and chocolate pecan pie filling for a simple, efficient way to make traditional pecan pie. If you have a picky eater in the family, have your child help you prepare meals. Preparing meals is an easy way to encourage your child to try new foods. For a simple dish, try making a savory tart with your child.

Savory tarts are the perfect option for breakfast or brunch. Use a combination of vegetables, such as tomatoes, asparagus or sweet peppers, to make a savory tart that is packed with fresh flavors. Individual or mini tart pans are a kid-friendly option for family meals. All you need to do is line the tart pans with crust and provide your family with a variety of sliced or chopped vegetables. Tarts are also a classic dessert option for both family-style and formal dinners.

To enjoy a gluten-free tart, choose a gluten-free pie crust mix, and layer slices of fresh plums, peaches, apples or berries on the prepared crust. Sweeten the fruit with a bit of sugar if necessary, or use freshly picked seasonal fruit to enjoy a naturally sweet flavor. To elevate your baking, specialty ingredients are an option that adds complex flavor to baked goods. Ingredients like Madagascar vanilla beans, gluten-free baking mix and ground sweet chocolate allow you to create a variety of desserts, baked goods and breads. Classic ingredients, like cake mix, are kitchen staples.

Stock your kitchen with a variety of cake and cookie mixes to prepare for impromptu gatherings of family and friends. Sugar cookies are always a good choice for the holiday season, especially if you want to share time with friends and family. To make traditional sugar cookies for the holidays, use seasonal cookie cutters to cut the dough before baking as usual. After they have cooled, gather your family and friends to decorate the cookies. Basic supplies, such as sprinkles and icing, turn plain sugar cookies into a holiday treat to share with guests. Cupcakes are also easy to decorate with some basic supplies. With a few boxes of baking mix and a group of your favorite people, you have everything you need to enjoy your time in the kitchen.

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