KitchenAid Bakeware

Take your baking and cooking to the next level with the utensils and electrics from KitchenAid Bakeware we have available at Williams-Sonoma. KitchenAid Bakeware consists of commercial-grade aluminized-steel pans that are 33 percent thicker than normal bakeware. From cake pans to muffin pans, you’ll find everything you need to conquer any recipe in the kitchen. Just prepare all the ingredients in mixing bowls and portion out onto your KitchenAid Bakeware for quick desserts and delicious treats in no time. KitchenAid pans feature perfluorooctanoic acid-free and polytetrafluoroethylene-free nonstick surface, making it ideal for individuals who are conscious of limiting their use of harmful chemicals.

KitchenAid has a history of high-quality products that have transformed kitchens everywhere for more than 70 years. Their bakeware pieces, including cake pans, are no different and will help you cover a range of tasks from baking cupcakes, cookies and bread to roasting vegetables. KitchenAid cake pans feature two interlocking nonstick layers that offer quick, consistent food release without the need for cooking sprays. You can make square- or rectangular-shaped cakes to suit your needs using the KitchenAid cake pan collection. Since you don’t need to worry about cooking sprays, you get the job done faster and can focus on the important things like hanging out with your family.

Baking cookies with your kids can be a fun afternoon activity with sheet pans and cookie sheets from KitchenAid. Use the flat pan to make chocolate chip cookies or to create holiday desserts, such as Christmas cookies and gingerbread houses. KitchenAid pans feature a solid core of steel that prevents warping, peeling, chipping or flaking. These pans maintain their like-new looks for years no matter how often you use them. Sheet pans aren’t just terrific for making treats, they’re also ideal for roasting vegetables and baking healthy snacks, such as kale chips and seaweed.

Create delicious breakfast treats or healthy bread with the KitchenAid bread and loaf pans. The bread pans feature straight sides that make them ideal for baking sandwich bread that you can cut into perfectly square slices. You can also use a loaf pan to make sweet bread like pumpkin bread and banana bread or savory treats like cornbread. The KitchenAid bread pans are ideal for making yeast bread because they don’t have a lid and allow bread to rise naturally without restrictions. Add fruits and nuts to make your bread healthier or create whole grain bread for breakfast and add flaxseeds and almonds for a rich taste.

Throw a neighborhood brunch or bake for local school events with cupcake and muffin pans from KitchenAid. The regular muffin pans feature 12 wells, making them ideal for larger muffins and cupcakes. If you need to make larger batches, simple remove the cupcakes after baking and cool on a rack so you can get the next batch in the oven quickly. The nonstick surface offers easy removal of baked goods without leaving behind much residue. Create sweet or savory delights and decorate them with piping tools and sprinkles for a professional look.

Famous for their mixers and attachments, KitchenAid has revolutionized the modern kitchen and baking. Mixing ingredients and preparing complicated recipes has never been easier with a stand mixer that features attachment that suit any recipe. Make homemade pasta with an attachment or pair your baked goods with homemade ice cream using the specialized attachment from KitchenAid. Use a grinder attachment to pulverize nuts and seasonings, such as star anise, for baking recipes or top off your baked treats with whipped cream using another KitchenAid attachment. The possibilities are endless and stand mixers are some of the most versatile kitchen appliances available. Use your KitchenAid to mix batter, process foods or prep ingredients before use with their bakeware pans.