Agrarian Gifts

At Williams-Sonoma, we want to help you find exquisite gifts for friends and family or the hostess at a special event. That’s why we offer a wide range of agrarian gifts to brighten up the world of the gardener in your life. With delicate boxes of seeds that make a striking display to mature botanicals, you’ll find just what you need. Our seeds are available in pouches and boxes that are perfect for seasoned gardeners and even pods that are ideally suited to introduce novice gardeners to the craft. Choose from flower seeds that add a fragrant delight to any home or vegetable and fruit seeds that make home cooking even better.

For the professional gardener in your life, we offer DIY cheese and beer kits that are sure to entertain and challenge their expertise. Our beer kits feature pale ale and IPA options to suit any beer enthusiast and you can pair it with homemade hot sauce kits for a complete gift for the next outdoor cookout. Our cheese kits contain everything you need to create creamy texture and delicate flavor that rivals the local farmer’s market. Just add fresh milk to make cheese in less than an hour. Each cheese kit comes with molds to shape your cheese, or you can hand roll into small logs and cover with chopped herbs for an artisanal look.

One of the most common agrarian tasks is making jam and preserves. With our canning and preserving gifts, you’ll give the gift of freshness and exquisite taste. Choose jars in bulb, cylindrical or mason jar shapes to create a stunning display of canned tomatoes, pickles or strawberry preserves. Kinetic copper jars with copper plated lids add a touch of shimmer for an upscale gift, or opt for wooden lids to create a rustic present that is right at home on the farm.

Our agrarian gifts include botanical wreaths and garlands that brighten up entryways or serve as elegant dining table centerpieces. Lay the wreath flat on the tables and surround with candles for a beautiful display during the holidays, or welcome guests to your home with wreaths adorning the front door. Many of our wreaths are crafted with seasons in mind so you can delight a hostess with a gift fit for the holidays. With options ranging from maple leafs, pumpkin and olive branches, there’s a style for everyone. Opt for a wreath with vibrant flowers such as lavender or white statice for a gift that fits in at weddings and housewarming parties.

If you need a gift for a child’s teacher at the end of the year or for a hostess to show your appreciation, our pots and planters might just be what you need. With options ranging from small countertop pots to larger planters suitable for gardening outdoors, there’s a size to fit any space. Hammered copper planters add a glittering effect to indoor and outdoor spaces and double as decor. Wood planters are best suited for outdoor use and can withstand the elements for years to come. Pair the pot or planter with an agrarian tool set to give a complete gardening gift to a novice who is just getting started.

Another gift option for gardeners is raised bed and vertical gardens. If you are getting a gift for someone with limited space, opt for a vertical garden that increases gardening plots without taking up a lot of floor space. Raised bed planters are particularly suited for apartments since they can be moved and don’t require tilling land. Raised beds are also great for experienced gardeners as they can choose which soil and compost they need for specific plants to ensure optimal growth and harvest. A garden harvest basket makes life easier for friends and loved ones with large gardens.

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