Pasta is an everyday pleasure in home kitchens around the world, where cooks demonstrate that there are myriad ways to enjoy this international favorite. In Williams-Sonoma’s The Pasta Book, we showcase more than 100 enticing recipes–from Italian fettuccine and German spaetzle to Chinese shumai and Thai cellophane noodles.

Chapters are arranged according to the type of pasta, including fresh, dried, stuffed and baked, plus dumplings and Asian noodles. Also featured are an array of savory sauces, many of which can be used with different types of pasta. Color photographs of the finished dishes, along with visual galleries of pasta shapes and illustrated step-by-step techniques, help ensure impressive results.

Designed for novice as well as seasoned cooks, this is the ultimate cookbook for pasta lovers. It brings home a world of authentic flavors that are perfect for quick family meals and leisurely dinners with friends.