Williams-Sonoma Sweet Treats
For kids, there's nothing like a sweet tooth to inspire creativity in the kitchen, and they will find plenty of inspiration in Williams-Sonoma Sweet Treats. This cookbook features more than 25 easy recipes created especially for children ages eight and up. Organized into six kid-friendly chapters, recipes include step-by-step color photographs depicting young chefs as they take their sweet masterpieces from prep to presentation.

The chapter entitled Kid Classics showcases childhood favorites like creamy chocolate pudding topped with whipped cream and lots of chocolate sprinkles. To delight chocolate fans, Chocolate Galore unravels the delectable mysteries of everything from chocolate fondue to rocky road fudge.

Raid the Cookie Jar tempts kids to do just that. For a delicious, wholesome snack, try chewy peanut butter bars made with rolled oats and brown sugar. Using the thumbprint cookie recipe, kids can make four different flavors with one simple dough. In the Baked Delights chapter, children will learn to create luscious lemon cupcakes, a velvety cream cheese pie topped with fresh berries, and much more.

For frosty fun, turn to the Frozen Wonders chapter. Children will love transforming chunks of ripe, juicy watermelon into pink ice pops that are just right for cooling off on a hot summer afternoon. Ice cream sundaes embellished with homemade fudge sauce and a mouthwatering array of toppings make perfect party fare. In Favorite Beverages, kids will learn to whip up all sorts of refreshing drinks, from ice cream sodas to fresh-squeezed lemonade. Warming beverages like old-fashioned cocoa and hot mulled cider are just right for cool-weather sipping.

Throughout the book, kids will find Science Corner sidebars explaining the hows and whys of baking, with answers to questions like, why is there vinegar in my cupcake batter? Problem Avoided alerts show how to prevent common mishaps. Children can consult the Basics chapter for kitchen fundamentals such as preparing ingredients, measuring techniques and knife skills. An easy-to-read glossary defines key ingredients, equipment and techniques.

A playful kitchen adventure for the entire family, this friendly, instructive cookbook makes baking a sweet success, every time.