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Williams-Sonoma New Flavors Cookbooks
Discover the simple art of using creative flavor combinations to transform classic dishes into sophisticated new favorites. Each volume in our latest cookbook series features more than 40 easy-to-prepare recipes that combine bold international flavors with familiar techniques and fresh, seasonal ingredients. Grouped by season, the recipes are accompanied by notes highlighting the ingredients that give each dish its signature taste, explaining why the various flavors complement each other.

The Appetizers book offers an enticing medley of hors d'oeuvres, soups, salads and first courses. To accompany wine or cocktails, try sweet, plump dates stuffed with smoky Spanish chorizo and tangy aged goat cheese. For a refreshing beginning to a meal, serve a simple salad of juicy blood oranges and shaved fennel, enhanced by hazelnuts and a drizzle of their assertive oil.

When it comes to crowd-pleasing main courses, Chicken presents a delectable menu of options. Warm up a chilly evening with a rustic braise, featuring tender chicken thighs and hearty root vegetables simmered in dark porter; Dijon mustard adds a spicy note to this satisfying dish. Or enjoy succulent chicken breasts wrapped in strips of smoky bacon and served atop a warm salad of tiny green lentils. This volume also includes recipes for chicken soups and salads, along with dishes featuring duck and turkey.

Vegetables makes the most of farm-fresh produce, using globally inspired seasonings to bring enticing dishes to your table. For example, spicy red chili oil, fragrant garlic and toasted sesame seeds enliven a quick stir-fry of baby bok choy. If you crave heartier fare, try a bubbling gratin that combines earthy wild and cultivated mushrooms with buttery Yukon Gold potatoes, all layered with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and a garlicky cream sauce.

Creating a memorable ending to a meal is easy when you prepare one of the tempting recipes in Desserts. A Mediterranean-inspired cake, enriched with fruity extra-virgin olive oil and fragrant Madeira, is topped with a ruby-red compote of blood oranges and fresh mint. In a sweet tribute to the Far East, crisp chunks of Asian pears, accented by fresh ginger, create an irresistible counterpoint to the creamy richness of coconut rice pudding.

To help ensure perfect results every time, each recipe is accompanied by a vibrant color photograph of the finished dish. The books also include a glossary of essential ingredients, equipment and techniques. Inviting you to explore a world of exciting flavors, these innovative cookbooks will help you reinvigorate your everyday cooking.