Tips & Techniques Book Briefs Food Made Fast: Seafood
Williams-Sonoma Food Made Fast: Seafood
Seafood is a natural choice for creating delicious meals when time is at a premium. Both fish and shellfish are extremely versatile, needing only a few fresh herbs or a simple sauce to highlight their delicate flavors and produce a healthful, satisfying dish.

In Seafood, one of the newest additions to Williams-Sonomas Food Made Fast series, you'll learn to prepare a variety of classic and contemporary dishes in just three easy steps. Designed for busy home cooks, most recipes can be made in 30 minutes or less, from start to finish. Others need only 15 minutes of hands-on preparation, then are left to simmer on the stove or bake in the oven. Suitable for everyday meals as well as get-togethers with friends, the dishes can be as casual or as elegant as you please.

At the end of a busy day, make dinnertime special by preparing trout amandine: The panfried fillets are drizzled with a light lemon-butter sauce and garnished with crunchy toasted almonds. Or try panfried tilapia (a mild, white-fleshed fish) accented by a colorful, Basque-inspired mélange of sautéed bell peppers.

Entertaining seafood lovers is easy when you serve a sophisticated salad and pasta. Begin the meal with a warm salad of seared sea scallops atop a bed of baby spinach tossed with a smoky bacon dressing. Crisp garlic crostini are the perfect accompaniment. For an impressive main course, offer linguine and sautéed shrimp in a tangy lemon-cream sauce.

Around the globe, cooks showcase fresh seafood in a variety of dishes, including braises and chowders made with favorite local ingredients. Youll find recipes for everything from seafood paella and bouillabaisse to Indian fish curry. For a taste of Thailand, simmer mussels in coconut milk infused with aromatic green curry paste and lemongrass. Or make a satisfying meal of creamy, New England-style fish chowder and crusty country-style bread.

To ensure foolproof preparation, the book features tips for smart cooking, including sections on meal planning and shopping. An indispensable reference for novice and veteran cooks alike, this time-saving guide is an invitation to savor one of the world's great culinary pleasures: fresh seafood.