The Cuisine of Nice
Located in the Provence region of France, along the Mediterranean coastline know as the French Riviera, Nice is a city renowned for its outstanding food. Common ingredients in niçoise-style cooking include tomatoes, pungent olives, garlic, fragrant herbs and, of course, seafood.

Among the famous dishes of the region is bouillabaisse, a bountiful seafood stew ladled over a slice of grilled garlic bread and garnished with a spicy sauce called rouille. A French-style pizza known as pissaladière is topped with anchovies, olives and meltingly tender onions. And no visit to Nice would be complete without sampling a salad niçoise, which includes tuna, hard-cooked eggs, black olives and haricots verts.

We invite you to take a culinary tour of Nice by preparing the recipes featured here, including niçoise salad sandwiches and vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes stuffed with a savory sausage filling. We also feature Provençal vegetables that are slowly braised in olive oil, a traditional cooking technique of this region, where olive groves flourish.