Using & Preparing Spices
Spices are the culinary signature of cooks around the world, reflecting a delicious diversity of regional flavors. When choosing spices for your kitchen, let your cooking style and taste preferences be your guides. Whether you’re preparing a quick family supper or hosting a dinner party, you can count on the authentic seasonings in our collection to guarantee a memorable meal.

Toasting is a great way to intensify the flavors of spices. Whole spices are typically toasted in a dry fry pan over medium heat with constant stirring, or on a rimmed baking sheet placed in an oven at a low temperature. Some recipes call for frying the spices in oil. Whichever technique you use, be sure to keep a close eye on the spices, as they can burn easily.

Grinding & Blending
For optimal flavor and aroma, the premium seasonings in our collection are freshly ground and blended. If you’re grinding your own whole spices, grind only as much as you need for the recipe at hand. Use your favorite seasonings to create your own customized grilling rubs and spice blends.

Caring for & Storing Spices
Preserve the freshness of your spices by keeping them in airtight containers in a cool, dark place. Since spices are sensitive to heat, do not store them near your oven or stove. Avoid storing spices in the refrigerator or freezer, as cold temperatures compromise their flavorful essential oils. To keep your spices organized, store them in our handsome shuindonggua wood caddies, each with six hollow sections that perfectly fit our spice jars. Properly stored, whole spices last for about a year; ground spices should be replaced after six months.