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Kyocera Ceramic Knives
Professional chefs praise these well-made Japanese knives for theirperformance and durability. Sharp enough to cut through glass, the bladesare made of zirconium oxide, a high-tech ceramic. This dense, shatterproofmaterial is twice as hard as steel and, in fact, rivaled only by thehardness of a diamond.

Every surface of the blade resists friction, so precision cutting,chopping and mincing require minimal effort. The smooth cutting edge sliceseasily through any food, including breads and ripe tomatoes that usuallycall for a serrated knife. And, because the ceramic is nonreactive, it won't affect the color or flavor of foods.

A special hot-forging process gives ceramic blades the appearance of finestainless-steel cutlery, and they will remain impervious to rust andstains. The double-riveted wooden handles are designed for excellentbalance, ensuring optimal comfort and ease of use.

Thanks to the hardness of the knife blade, it will maintain arazor-sharp edge exceptionally well. The manufacturerprovides resharpening, if necessary. Experience proves that ceramic cutleryrequires sharpening only after many years of use.