Homemade Juices and Smoothies

Freshly made juices taste incomparably better—and are more nutritious—than their bottled or canned counterparts. And they're quick and easy to prepare at home with an extractor or juicer. You can use a single type of fruit or combine the juices from different fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, pineapples and oranges.The two main types of juicers are as follows.

Juice Extractors

An extractor is the most efficient tool for removing juice from the widest range of fruits and vegetables. Extractors first reduce ingredients to minute particles with a swiftly whirling shredding disk. Next, liquid is extracted from the particles by centrifugal force and sent through the fine mesh of a strainer basket, which holds back the pulp. (The strained pulp can be used in some recipes to add fiber and texture.) The result is the freshest possible juice, rich in flavor, color and nutrients.

Electric Citrus Juicers

Electric citrus juicers are simply mechanized versions of the oldest-known type of juicer, the reamer, which gouges and presses the juice from halved citrus fruits. These types of juicers work only with citrus and not with other fruits and vegetables.