The right glassware turns any party into a special occasion. Here is everything you need to fill out your collection and serve guests in style.

Water Glass

A water glass is shaped large enough to serve still or sparkling mineral water, and it offers a more formal presentation of iced tea or juice.


These sturdy glasses are all-time favorites. Designed to serve hot or cold beverages, they can also accommodate juice, water, wine and more.

Champagne Flute

A flute is ideal for serving champagne and sparkling wines, as well as the cocktails made from them. Its tall, slender bowl focuses aromas and helps preserve effervescence.

Red Wineglass

Perfect for everything from assertive Cabernets to mellow Merlots, this glass has a large bowl that encourages the bouquet to develop, eliciting every nuance of aroma.

White Wineglass

This glass is ideally proportioned for serving white wines, from dry Chardonnays to fruity Rieslings. The tall stem keeps the bowl from being warmed by your hand.

Double Old-Fashioned

This short, wide glass is perfect for serving mixed drinks (including the old-fashioned, from which it derives its name), as well as fruit juice, milk or other soft drinks.


This glass is used to serve tall mixed drinks, such as a mojito or a gin and tonic. It's also great for sodas, lemonade or iced tea.

Martini Glass/Stemmed Cocktail

Distinguished by its broad, conical bowl, this is the quintessential glass for martinis and other classic cocktails like cosmopolitans and sidecars.

Margarita Glass

This stemmed glass has a wide, shallow bowl and a rim thick enough to hold a coating of salt, the classic margarita garnish.

Pilsner Glass or Beer Mug

Tall, tapering pilsner glasses or substantial beer mugs are essentials for serving beer, ale, porter and stout.