Tips & Techniques Entertaining Festive Invitations

A party invitation need not be formal or expensively printed. What is most important is to capture the spirit of the festivities. These sparkly black, white and silver invitations convey the perfect mix of style and fun for New Year's Eve.

Write invitations by hand on metallic tags, using both sides. Include the theme of the party, date, time, address, and an RSVP phone number or e-mail address.

Stuff the invitations into silver mailing tubes (available at packaging or stationery stores). Add metallic star confetti, foil-wrapped chocolates or decorative silver wrapping wire, if desired.

Attach the tags to hemstitched cocktail napkins—or other items that evoke the theme, such as a party horn or a cocktail stirrer—using silver cord.

Affix vintage-style mailing labels, including your return address, and an elegant stamp. Seal the ends of each tube securely. Check with postal authorities to confirm the correct amount of postage.