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Easter Baking and Decorating
With its spring motifs of bunnies, lambs, chicks and eggs, the Easter holiday season offers lots of opportunity for creative baking and decorating. Cakes in all shapes and sizes, cookie cutouts, solid-chocolate figures and jellies—both homemade and purchased—nestle in Easter baskets and decorate holiday tables.

Eggs are the most prevalent Easter motif. Gaily decorated egg-shaped cakes, cream-filled chocolate eggs, egg-shaped candies and even panoramic eggs with tiny windows into secret vistas are part of the seasonal panoply. And, of course, hard-cooked eggs—painted, stenciled by hand or dyed in a rainbow of colors—are special treasures that reflect the season.

So, gather your baking tools, Easter baskets and treats, then tap your imagination and create a delightful holiday experience. Here you'll find simple recipes for cakes and cookies, plus ideas for decorating eggs and filling Easter baskets.