Book Brief: Williams-Sonoma Fun Food
Designed for children aged eight and up, Williams-Sonoma Fun Food cookbook will help budding chefs build skill, confidence and creativity in the kitchen. As the name suggests, the focus is all about having a great time while learning to cook!

Each of the more than 25 kid-tested recipes includes simple step-by-step directions and color photos of young chefs demonstrating key techniques. Many recipes also offer delicious variations that allow kids to practice their newfound skills. Sidebars alert youngsters to potential mishaps and offer easy solutions.

The book is divided into six enticing chapters. "Kid Classics" teaches children to prepare their all-time favorites from scratch, be it chicken noodle soup or pan-fried fish sticks with a crispy sesame-seed coating. In "Oodles of Noodles," kids will learn to make a variety of pasta dishes, including a hearty lasagna enriched with three types of Italian cheeses.

"Put On Your Oven Mitts" introduces children to baking and roasting. Recipes range from pizza and roast chicken to succulent baby back ribs slathered with a zesty sauce. Kids can accompany these entrées with delicious side dishes featured in "Don't Forget the Veggies." Recipes include tender roasted carrots, stuffed baked potatoes, and green beans sautéed with shallots and balsamic vinegar.

Lunchtime favorites abound in the chapter entitled "Time for a Sandwich," which features cheese quesadillas, peanut butter and apple sandwiches, and turkey wraps filled with cream cheese, fresh spinach and cucumbers. In "After-School Snacks," kids will learn to prepare favorites like frosty strawberry smoothies, delectable deviled eggs and spicy guacamole with chips.

To give children a strong culinary foundation, an informative basics section acquaints them the fundamentals, from preparing their work space to learning about food safety. It also introduces youngsters to essentials like washing and peeling produce, measuring ingredients and working with knives. An easy-to-use glossary explains ingredients, tools and techniques.

Fun Food is a delightful way for children to learn their way around the kitchen. And kids will discover that preparing their favorite dishes is as much fun as eating them!