What We're Reading: Cook Good Food

Want to boost your cooking skills? Cook Good Food, one of the newest books from Williams-Sonoma, will help you gain confidence in the kitchen by mastering fundamental techniques: sautéing, stir-frying, frying, braising, simmering and poaching, and steaming. Think of this book as a personal cooking class.

Each chapter highlights a single technique and begins with a primer, followed by ten recipes. The braising section, for example, outlines the tools you’ll need and explains the differences between braising and stewing. You’ll learn secrets for success, such as patting foods dry for better browning, and skimming the sauce before serving. Step-by-step directions and photos cover the basics. Then you can practice your skills with recipes like a warming short rib ragù or braised broccoli rabe with olives.

With this book as your guide, you’ll soon be cooking fabulous food with ease. And you’ll have lots of fun along the way!