What We’re Reading: Weeknight Gluten Free

Faced with a diagnosis of celiac disease, cookbook author Kristine Kidd was determined to eat great-tasting food, as she always had. This new book from Williams-Sonoma is the culmination of Kidd’s self-described “year of glorious experimentation”: more than 100 gluten-free recipes plus tips and strategies for setting up a gluten-free kitchen.

Emphasizing quick, flavor-packed meals, Kidd transforms easy-to-find fresh ingredients into dishes that are totally do-able on weeknights.  She often relies on light, modern sauces, be it a vibrant salsa verde that’s spooned over grilled chicken breasts or a walnut pesto that’s tossed with gluten-free pasta.

The book offers recipes and alternatives for starchy, gluten-free staples that can replace wheat-based pastas, breads or crusts. For example, gluten-free tortilla chips become a crunchy coating for oven “fried” chicken. Creamy polenta can be prepared in minutes in a microwave and makes a wonderful base for a host of foods, from sautéed mushrooms to fried eggs, greens and tomatoes. High-protein quinoa often stars in side dishes and salads.

The best part about her new lifestyle, says Kidd, is that she doesn’t feel deprived. These simple yet delicious meals are so satisfying, no one will guess they are gluten free.