Mother’s Day Dinner

Surprise Mom on Mother’s Day by cooking a special dinner. This menu features fajitas—steak and bell peppers wrapped inside warm flour tortillas. They’re fun to make and delicious to eat. Mom will be so impressed, she’ll want you to become the family chef!

Ask Dad to take you shopping, then he can lend a hand as you prepare the meal.

- Help cut the vegetables for the salsa and guacamole.
- Slice the bell peppers, onions and steak for the fajitas; sear the steak.
- Help kids use the electric mixer for the cheesecake and bake the cake.
- Supervise kids as they prepare the agua fresca in a blender.

- With Dad’s help, prepare the salsa and guacamole, then taste them to make sure the seasonings are just right.
- Squeeze the lime juice, pluck the cilantro leaves off the stems and prepare the marinade for the steak.
- Crush the graham crackers for the cheesecake, mix the batter, cut the strawberries and decorate the cake. The cheesecake needs time to chill, so bake it the evening before.
- Pluck the mint leaves off the stems for the agua fresca, blend the ingredients into a puree and garnish the glasses.