Family Meal Planner

With a bit of planning, cooking dinner for your family can be a pleasure, every night of the week. To help you prepare delicious, nutritious meals, we have assembled some of our favorite (and easy) recipes; most can be made in fewer than 30 minutes or with minimal hands-on cooking time. These are dishes the entire family will enjoy, so you will not have to cook a separate meal for the kids. If children are fed the same foods as the rest of the family from a young age, chances are they will enjoy them as much as anything you would cook especially for them. Of course, for particularly picky eaters, you can always adapt the recipes as needed.

We have also created several make-more-to-store recipes, which feature basic recipes, such as roast chicken or pork loin, that you can prepare on the weekend or whenever you have more time. Then you can transform the leftovers into meals during the week. Each master recipe includes links to dishes that make innovative use of the extras.

Finally, we include tips that will help you become more efficient in the kitchen. The Smarter Cook section will guide you through the basics of planning meals and shopping for groceries. The Well-Stocked Kitchen will help you organize and stock your pantry, refrigerator and freezer with essential ingredients.
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