Chuck’s Supper Club: Pizza Menu

What better way to while away a cold winter evening than by cooking a meal with close friends—and then savoring the food you've prepared? To help you host a supper club in your home, we've created a menu that features pizza as the main course. It's a dish that's ideal for group cooking.

We offer recipes for two varieties of pizza: a classic Italian Margherita with tomatoes and cheese, and onion confit (pissaladière), a favorite from Provence. As the host, you can make the pizza dough in advance and keep it refrigerated. Then your guests can prepare the toppings and bake their creations.

To round out the meal, we suggest a simple salad of escarole and endive garnished with gorgonzola and walnuts. It’s an easy dish for novice cooks to prepare. For dessert, indulge in rich chocolate espresso bars. They need time to cool after the glaze is applied, so the dessert team should bake the bars before the pizzas go into the oven (the batter comes together quickly).

When your guests arrive, one team can assemble a simple appetizer of olives brightened with orange for everyone to snack on while preparing the meal. Pour wine and mineral water, and let the chopping and dicing begin!