Noci's Garlic Bread

When Aria Alpert Adjani, culinary director and co-founder of Noci Sonoma near Healdsburg, California, makes garlic bread, she keeps the ingredients local, favoring sourdough loaves from Red Bird Bakery in Santa Rosa and Straus Family Creamery butter, which uses milk from organic family farms in coastal Marin and Sonoma counties. Here we’ve described how to make the garlic bread like they do at Noci, which involves cutting the bread into individual slices so that every piece is well toasted. If you prefer, though, you can make it as shown in the picture by slicing the bread in a cross-hatch pattern without cutting completely through the loaf, then brushing the cut sides of the bread with butter and tucking the cheese and parsley into the crevices. It’s delicious either way, especially when served hot from the oven.