Our field guide to the most
common cold-weather squash,
plus tips for how to enjoy them.

     1. Delicata
        Small and thin-skinned, with a mildly earthy flavor.
        Best for: slicing, roasting and tossing into pasta
        and salads


     2. Hubbard
        Large and firm, with grey-blue skin and
        a rich orange flesh.
        Best for: roasting and mashing, baking pies


     3. Acorn
        Nutty and savory, with an acornlike shape.
        Best for: stuffing and roasting


     4. Spaghetti
        Mild and not too sweet, with a pleasant
        noodle-like flesh.
        Best for:
using as a pasta alternative 

  5. Green Kabocha
    Bright orange, with a fluffy, potato-like texture

    and an earthy flavor.
    Best for:
simmering, braising, battering and frying


  6. Butternut
   Sweet, with a creamy and dense orange-yellow flesh.
   Best for:
sautéing, roasting, spiralizing


  7. Red Kuri
   Teardrop-shaped, with a smooth texture, nutty
   flavor and edible skin.
   Best for:
soups, roasting and baking


  8. Sugar Pumpkin
   Woodsy and firm with a classic pumpkin flavor.
   Best for:
purees, pies, decorative carving